Sawtooth Martial Arts adheres to the standardizations of the US Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation.  This includes not only technical material, but also the terms in which we use in and out of class.  Here is a general outline of basic terms a student of Tang Soo Do or Soo Bahk Do should know.

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Counting System in Korean and Chinese | Tiger Tots Terminology Help SheetWhite Belt Terminology Sheet | Orange Belt Terminology Sheet | Dan Prep Terminology

General Terms | Commands in Class | Counting | Stances | Hand Techniques | Foot Techniques | Anatomy | Concepts

General Terms

Soo Bahk Do:  Traditional martial art of Korea
(Hand Strike Way)
Moo Duk Kwan:  Name of our Philosophy and our Organization
(School of Martial Virtue).
 Dojang:  Training Hall/studio  Dobok:  Training uniform
 Dee:  Belt  Kuk Gi:  National Flag
 Kwan Jang Nim:  Grandmaster (currently Hwang, Hyun Chul KJN)  Sa Bom Nim:  Master Instructor
 Kyo Sa Nim:  Certified Instructor  You Dan JaDan:  Holder of midnight blue belt.
 You Gup Ja:  Holder of white through red belt. Ko Dan Ja:  Holder of master belt (midnight blue/red stripe)
Sun Beh:  Senior Member Nim:  Appended to denote respect.

Commands in Class

Charyut:  Attention (Feet together/hands at side) Kuk Gi Bay Rey:  Salute Flags
Anjo(shipsio):  Sit Muk Nyum:  Meditation
Sa Bom Nim Kay Kyung Ret:  Bow to instructor Choon Bee:  Ready (stance) – Adjust/prepare
Baro:  Return (stance) Shi Jok:  Begin
Shio:  Rest Dwi Ro:  Look to rear
Tora:  Turn Da shi:  Repeat
Wen Jok:  Left O Rin Jok:  Right
Bal Bakwa:  Switch Feet Sahng Ko Kan E Kyung Ret:  Bow to partners
Shim Sa Kwan Nim Kay Kyung Ret:  Bow to Testing Board  Ku Ryung Up Shi: Without count
Il uh sut:  Stand Ku Ryung E Macho So: With Count

*Add anything in front of Kyung Ret for a bow.  For example, Kyo Sa Nim Kay Kyung Ret would mean Bow to certified instructor.

Counting (Ku Ryung)

Korean Chinese
1 Hana Il
2 Dul Ee
3 Set Sam
4 Net Sa
5 Dasot Oh
6 Yosut Yook
7 Ilgop Chil
8 Yo dull  Pal
9 Ahop Ku
10 Yohl Ship

Stances (Jaseh)

Jaseh:  Stance (bearing strength) Ki-se:  Poise Choon Bee/Baro Jaseh: Ready/Return Stance
Chan Gul Jaseh:  Front Stance Hu Gul Jaseh:  Back Stance Choon Kan Jaseh:  Intermediate Stance
Sa Ko Rip Jaseh:  Side Stance Deh Ryun Jaseh:  Fighting Stance Kyo Cha Rip Jaseh:  Cross-legged stance
Choi Ha Dan Jaseh:  Low Stance Sa Ko Rip Jaseh:  Side Stance Bal Cha Gi Jhoon Bee:  Ready for Kick Stance
Han Bal Sio Kee Jaseh:  Crane Stance

Hand Techniques (Soo Gi)

Mahkee:  Block Kong Kyuk:  Attack Soo Do:  Open Hand
Ha Dan:  Low Choong Dan:  Middle Sang Dan:  High
Ahnuro:  Inside Pakuro:  Outside Chung Kwan:  Forefist (Jab)
Ssang Soo:  Two-hand Pahl Put Ki:  Horse-stance punching Yuk Soo Do:  Ridge Hand
Kwan Soo:  Spear Hand Jang Kwan:  Palm Heel Pahl Koop:  Elbow
Cap Kwan:  Back Fist Son Mok Deung:  Upper Wrist Jip Kay Son:  Pincer Hand (Web of Hand)

You can combine these terms to create most of our techniques.  A few examples are given:

Ha Dan Mahkee:  Low Block Sang Dan Mahkee:  High Block
Ahnesu Pakuro Mahkee:  Inside/outside block Pahkesu Ahnuro Mahkee:  Outside/Inside Block
Ha Dan Soo Do Mahkee:  Low Knife-hand block Choong Dan Soo Do Mahkee:  Middle Knife-hand block
Ssang Soo Ha Dan Mahkee:  Low X-block Ssang Soo Sang Dan Mahkee:  High X-block
Choong Dan Kong KyukMiddle Punch

*Use Teul Oh for a reverse technique.  Teul Oh means twisting because you will have to twist your hips more to execute a reverse technique.

Foot Techniques (Jok Gi)

Cha Gi:  Kick Ahp:  Front Yup:  Side
Dwi:  Back E Dan:  Jump (Add to any kick) Moo Roop:  Knee
Ahp Cha Nut Gi:  Front Kick Yup Podo Cha Gi:  Side Kick Dullryo Cha Gi:  Roundhouse
Ahnesu Pakuro Cha Gi:  Inside/outside kick Pakesu Ahnuro Cha Gi:  Outside/Inside Kick Dwi Podo Cha Gi:  Back Kick
Ahp Podo Ohl Ri Gi:  Front Stretch Kick Yup Podo Ohl Ri Gi:  Side Stretch Kick Hurri Gi:  Heel Kick
Yup Hurri Gi:  Side Hook Kick Peet Cha Gi:  Reverse Roundhouse Chit Pahl Gi:  Stomp Kick
Dwi Ahnesu Pakuro Chagi:  Spinning Crescent Dwi dullryo Cha Gi:  Spinning Heel Kick Dwi Yup Hurri Gi:  Spin Hook Kick
To Kai Cha Gi:  Ax Kick Du Bal Cha Gi:  Double Kick Yeon Sok Cha Gi:  Continuous Kicking


Eema:  Forehead In Choong:  Upper Lip T’uk:  Chin Mok:  Neck
Myung Chi:  Solar Plexus Pahl:  Arm Pahl Koop:  Elbow Soo/Son: Hand 
Chu Mok:  Fist Son Deung:  Upper Wrist Pahl Mok:  Wrist Jok/Bal:  Foot
Ko Hwan:  Groin Huri:  Hip/Waist Dari:  Leg Dan Jun:  Abdomen


Shi Sun:  Line of Sight Choong Shim:  Balance (Center mind) Kyuk Pa:  Breaking
Moo:  Martial (Prevent Conflict) Sun Sok Mi:  Line, Speed Beauty Ryu Pa:  Style
Moo Do:  Martial Way Neh Kang Weh Yu:  Inside Hard/Outside Soft Ki Hap:  Spirt Unification
Moo Do Chung Shin:  Martial Mind Ho Hoop Cho Chung:  Breath Control Ki Ahp:  Spirit Pressure
Pyong Ahn:  Peaceful Confidence Kahmsahamnida:  Thank You Ki:  Universal Energy
Jong Sook:  Quit Internal Peace Annyong haseyo:  Hello Li:  Intention for health
Weh Gong:  Physical Training Chunmaneyo:  You’re Welcome Maulm:  Spirit/Soul
Neh Gong:  Internal Training Dae Ryun:  Sparring Ho Sin Sul:  Self Defense
Shim Gong:  Spriitual Training Il Soo Sik Dae Ryun:  One Step Sparring Hyung:  Form

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